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No two refurbishments and remounts are the same due to customer's individual requirements. Below are two typical options you may like to consider.


Supplied by Stocks, a NEW chassis cab of your choise, with your own Johnston road sweeping equipment refurbished and remounted to your specifications.



Supplied by yourselves, your own NEW chassis cab and Johnston road sweeping equipment for Stocks to refurbish and remount to your specifications.

Refurbished & Remounted road sweepers can save you, the customer, up to half the capital cost of a brand new machine. And at Stocks every avenue is left open to match the customers requirements.

With over 15 years of experience refurbing & remounting road sweepers, we know you will not be dissapointed with the finnished product.

If you decide that there is another way you would like to proceed please call us, as we will be more than happy to discuss other options with you.

We also manufactuer completely NEW roadsweepers. The S6400 & S8400. Please visit for more infomation!

JOHNSTON is a registered trade mark of Johnston Sweepers Limited.